Voting Rules

Voting Rules & Guidelines for the Electronic Dance Music Awards (EDMAs)

Welcome to the voting platform rules for the EDMAs! Your participation helps celebrate and honor the best in electronic dance music. To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone, please adhere to the following voting rules:

Voting Eligibility

Each participant is permited to cast their vote across multiple categories, with a limit of one vote per category each week. To ensure fairness and prevent multiple submissions, voting will be monitored and restricted by IP address, email, and device. This measure is in place to guarantee that each vote is unique and to uphold the integrity of the voting process. The opportunity to vote will reset every seven days.

We encourage everyone involved—fans, nominees, and their affiliates—to promote the voting process while adhering to the principles of fair play and sportsmanship.

Voting Integrity

Automated voting of any kind is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of software-generated, robotic, programmed, script, macro, or other automated voting methods.

We strictly prohibit any atempts to manipulate the voting process. This includes tampering with the voting system or engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct such as intending to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any individuals.

Voting Deadline

Voting will conclude in the week preceding the EDMAs event on March 22nd, 2024. To maintain the integrity of the voting process, the exact time and date of the voting closure will not be disclosed. This measure is taken to ensure fairness and prevent any strategic last-minute voting.

Vote Tabulation

Votes will be counted during the designated voting period for each category. The nominee with the highest number of valid votes in a category will be declared the winner.

In the event of any disruption (e.g., technical failures, ‘acts of God’, or security breaches), we reserve the right to select the winners based on the votes counted up to the point of disruption or through any other fair and equitable method deemed appropriate.

Legal Considerations and Consequences

No Legal Action Permited: By participating in the voting process, individuals agree not to pursue any form of legal action against the EDMAs or its affiliates regarding any aspect of the voting process or outcomes.

Consequences of Legal Action and Cheating: Any atempt to take legal action or found cheating will result in an immediate and permanent ban from all future participation in any event or activity associated with the EDMAs.

Final Authority: The EDMAs reserve the right to have the final say in any disputes or interpretations of the voting rules. Our decisions are final in determining what constitutes foul play, cheating, or any violation of these rules.

Immunity from Legal Claims: By participating in the EDMAs voting process, individuals and entities agree that the EDMAs, its organizers, affiliates, and partners are immune from any form of legal claims or actions arising out of or related to the voting process, outcomes, or any associated activities. This includes, but is not limited to, disputes over vote counting, the conduct of participants, and the determination of winners.

Final Authority and Dispute Resolution: The EDMAs hold the final authority in resolving any disputes, interpreting the voting rules, and making decisions regarding the voting process. Our decisions regarding what constitutes a violation of the rules, foul play, or any other mater related to the voting process are conclusive and binding.

By engaging with the EDMAs voting process, participants fully acknowledge and accept these terms, committing themselves to uphold the principles of integrity, fairness, and respect that are foundational to the Electronic Dance Music Awards.

Policy on Physical Awards

Award Distribution at Discretion of EDMAs: The provision of physical awards to winners is at the discretion of the EDMAs. Winning does not automatically entitle the recipient to a complementary physical trophy.

Purchasing Awards: Winners, through their label or management, are entitled to purchase a customized physical award. All costs associated with the creation and customization of the award are the responsibility of the winner’s representatives.

Eligibility to Purchase Awards: The purchase of physical trophies is restricted to those with verified affiliations to the winning artist or record, ensuring that awards are only obtained by those directly connected to the achievement.

Privacy Policy

Data Protection and Privacy: The EDMAs are commited to protecting the privacy and security of all participants involved in the voting process. We assure all voters that the personal information collected during the voting process will be used solely for the purpose of managing and validating votes. Your information will be handled in strict accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations, ensuring that it will not be sold, shared, or misused in any way.

Audit and Recount Policy

No Audit or Recount Rights: Participants, nominees, and their affiliates acknowledge that they have no right to demand an audit or recount of votes in the EDMAs. We reserve the exclusive right to deny any requests for audits or recounts. Our processes are designed to ensure the utmost fairness and transparency, and decisions regarding vote counts and outcomes are final.

Amendments to Rules

Right to Amend Rules: The EDMAs reserve the right to amend these voting rules at any time. This provision ensures we have the flexibility to address unforeseen issues that may arise and make necessary adjustments that are in the best interest of maintaining a fair, transparent, and credible voting process.

By participating in the EDMAs voting process, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, committing to uphold the spirit of fairness and integrity that defines the Electronic Dance Music Awards. Thank you for supporting the Electronic Dance Music Awards. Let’s celebrate the incredible talent within the EDM community together!